Signs and symptoms of love-hate relationship

A love-hate relationship occurs between any two human beings in any relations like love, parents, partners, sibling, etc. Love and hate relationship is a confusing stage of life like you can’t live without the other and you can live without the other. A union rule is that you must decide on your most parts.

Signs of hate and love in the relationship

No deep connection

A normal human being has two behaviors in which some parts are good and some parts are others many don’t like. But it may be their character. It is difficult to change one behavior and character for others.

In love parts some of the sides in the behavior of your loved one are there that you love in the relationship like caring, loving, helping, understanding whereas some other parts are there which you don’t like may be smoking, possessiveness, rude, ready for fighting, etc.

These are the reason for a love-hate relationship. This may be the reasons that you may feel like you don’t have a deep connection with the other.

Unresolved Issues

You may have frequent conflicts in which some are relevant and some are irrelevant. Many conflicts have not to be solved or left as such but still, you both love each other with some understandings. This cause hates and loves in a relationship.

Neither of you leave the conflict as such and keep under the rug or prolong for long days may create a worse love and hate in relationship.

Talk Behind

What is love? It is a hearty feeling that you may feel like you love each other and understand each other without any condition.

Many of love-hate relationship occur just because they won’t communicate properly and talk behind about the other with their common friends or others.

This creates a misunderstanding between the two and causes break-up in a love relationship. Talk to your partner with an open mind and clean up your issues will help to continue your relationship.

love-hate relationship

Ways of solving the conflicts in a love-hate relationship

  1. Try to understand your partners’ behavior and his views
  2. If you want him to change his behavior give some space and time to make him understand your problem
  3. Avoid conflicts and arguments
  4. Try to make him understand the problems and behaviors compassionately, never be rude or assert your point of view on him.
  5. Always think from your partner’s position and give your views and ideas. Always think that you and your partner are a team.
  6. Take a moment to reflect on his positive traits. Never argue for silly problems.

A love-hate relationship is quite natural in all relations. We must find a better way to tackle the problem and help the partner for easy understanding, this helps to maintain a strong relationship between you and your partner.