Impact of media violence on children’s aggressive behavior

In this technological era, the media plays a vital role in communication in entertainment. Both positive and negative impacts are there in the media. We have to keep attention on what our kids watching, because no one wants that their children saw free porn hd and another 18+ content in a young age. Other thing we must take into consideration is today media is more aggressive and violence that directly affects media violence on children’s behavior.

Causes and effects of media violence on Children’s behavior

Exposure to media violence on youth has become a casual risk for physical and mental aggression that affects the children behavior to weeks, months, and years are later. The absence of known factor causes effects of media violence on children’s behavior.

Effects of media violence on children cause more chances of serious harms to medical treatment. Shooting a person but missing still means to be violent behavior.

Impact of media violence on children

Media Violence and its effects

In media, the possibility of media violence scene and story explains the aggressive character and face expression causes the effects of media violence on children. They start to show an aggressive face and behave violently.

Media of violence on youth includes TV shows, games on TV or the internet, Video-games, movies, etc. In all these media the scene of violence is portrait differently, even though it is not original but it greatly causes effects of violence on youth.

How media violence increases aggression?

The main ways in which media effects violence on youth and children are:

  • Direct violence scene is shown and heard in the picture
  • Direct imitation on acted behavior
  • Listening and observing the aggressive attitude and expect to react in the same way.
  • More excited and feel like I also must try to control others

Aggression and violence

In media, the duration of violence exists for a few minutes but still, it is exposed to all age group from 5 to 80 years. The 5-year-old kid may vigorously cause effects of media violence on children.

Tips to make entertainment choices for their children

In all media restricted age limit is available; better lock to that option when your child is at home.

Encourage Reading: Intimate them to read books, as media shows the clear picture and idea of violence. When they read books, their language skill, memory skill, and imaginary skill get improved.

Monitor the Child Behavior: Keep watching your child behavior without knowing them. When they cross their limit, compassionately intimate them. Never be violent to your child.

Creative activities: Make your child engaged with some physical activities and make them interested in doing new activities. This will make them divert from violent behavior and improvise his skills.